20 May – Photos to go with Mel’s blog below

The first three show the amazing number of bikes and cyclists at the Blue Egg as we were leaving, the queue stretching out of the restaurant to the far side of the patio. The fourth one shows John D’s latest tandem creation.  His engineering skills are very impressive.  Click on each images to see a larger version.



Sunday Ride to Elsenham and Monk Street 19 September 2017

The Farleigh Hospice charity ride had no doubt had its impact on our group but only 4 riders set off on our scheduled ride led by John B. The weather was chilly and dull with the overnight mist having lifted into low cloud.

The ride to Elsenham Golf was along familiar roads which were busy with cyclists. Just after High Roding we were overtaken by a swarm of Essex Roads riders which was slightly intimidating. As one passed me he said “sorry mate” – I’m not quite sure what he had done but it was a nice touch!

Near Great Canfield two of the charity event riders were dealing with a puncture. As we passed we asked if they were OK but they were not. They had no spare tubes and no pump, just two gas canisters which had both been used. After supplying a tube and a pump, they were back on the road and we continued to Elsenham.

At elevenses some debate took place about the original lunch destination, Wendens Ambo and we all agreed to head for Monk Street instead. The pub there is great – good beer, friendly reception and the sort of snack food we like at lunchtime.

After another debate we agree Rayne station as the tea stop. By this time the sun was out and the world was a much nicer place. The route was via Lindsell, Lubberhedges Lane and for Dave R and me a good stretch on the Flitch Way. John and Dave S chose the road route but we arrived simultaneously at the tea stop.

Back at Chelmsford my computer showed about 57 miles. Here is a link to my Strava record:



Sunday Ride to Abberton Reservoir and Copford 6 August 2017

A lovely sunny morning but only four of us turned up for the ride today. The first leg to Abberton was a little longer than our normal ride to elevenses at about 24 miles. This is slightly longer than the minimum distance but I wanted to avoid busy roads where possible. However we made good time and arrived at 11:07. The Essex Wildlife visitor centre has a very good café and we enjoyed sitting outside overlooking the reservoir.

The next leg to Copford was hard to plan as it’s only about 5 miles away but we managed to make it 9 miles! There we were joined by three more of our colleagues for lunch at the Alma which is now serving the lighter snacks again on Sunday lunchtime.

As we had not used it before I identified Cressing Barns as our tea stop and we rode there via Great Tey and Coggeshall with an increasing but manageable SW wind.

Having fuelled ourselves with cake and copious tea we set off for Chelmsford and I arrived back with about 63 miles on the clock.

Here is a link to my Strava record of the ride:


And you might find this an interesting presentation of it:




Sunday Ride to Nayland 11 June 17

Only five of us gathered at City Hall for this ride with numbers reduced by various other events and holidays. The weather was bright and breezy and we were pleased to welcome a new rider Ravi for his first outing with our group.

Marks Tey was our destination for elevenses which we reached via Terling Whitam Kelevedon and Messing making a first leg of 26 miles. With a bit of wind assistance we managed to get there just after 11am.

At elevenses there were a dozen members, which was very nice but a bit of a shame that more of us had not ridden there together. Six of us set off for Nayland but John B had to peel off en route to get home. At the Anchor Inn we were well served, if a bit slowly due to the number of customers there.


Preparing to leave The Anchor Inn at Nayland

The return to Chelmsford was hard going due to an increasing SW wind. We had a pleasant tea stop at Paycocks NT in Coggeshall and I arrived home with 72 miles on the clock.

Here is a link to my Strava record:  https://www.strava.com/activities/1031945342


Sunday Ride to Widdington 9 April 2017

An unbelievable summer’s day in early April drew the crowds and 10 started for this ride.  With temperatures into the mid 20s riding was a pure joy, only tinged by an increasing southerly wind for the return journey.

At Andrewsfield Dave R, Peter T from Cambridge and John D on his recumbent trike joined us for elevenses.  The numbers rather stretched the resources of the cafe resulting in a long slow-moving queue.  Some debate took place over elevenses regarding the pace of the ride and there is an issue here we need to resolve in the group.  I am probably in the middle of the range and can see both points of view as I trail sometimes on hills. The one bit of data from yesterday relevant to this issue is that my moving average speed was 12.5mph which is not far from the norm we used to work to.

For various reasons only 6 went on to lunch. It was a nice change to be doing a route which was not out and back but more of a circular ride.  We started on the track from the airfield to Lubberhedges Lane which is a useful shortcut and quite navigable.  By the turning to Monk Street John D had a puncture.  It had not occurred to me before that in the case of the two front wheels you can change the tube without removing the wheel and John had it sorted in double quick time.








We headed through Monk Street to the Boxted Road then up to the tall and rather ugly radio mast near Hamperden End before taking the bye-way down to Widdington.  Here the Fleur-de-Lys pub was awash with customers, many enjoying the sunshine in the garden.  A 45 minute wait for food was forecast.  Peter T however got his in 15 minutes due to someone else having over-ordered the same choice.  However my soup could not be accelerated so I cancelled it as I was anxious not to miss the planned tea stop at High Easter.

John Davis, Peter Tibbitts, Martin Cockersole and John Beaumont outside the Fleur de Lys at Widdington 9 April 2017

Liquid refreshment at the Fleur-de-Lys in Widdington (photo from Mel – thanks!)

We said goodbye to Peter and headed for High Easter against a nagging Southerly wind but managed to get there by 3.30.  We then headed back to Chelmsford where my computer showed 62.5 miles.  This was not enough for John B however who went on an extra 20 mile loop at the end of the day!

Here is a link to my Strava record:




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Sunday 8 January – Ride to BHN Pot Plants and Maldon

Despite a typical drab early January day 8 riders turned up for the start. Our elevenses destination at BHN Pot Plants is too near for the first leg of a full day’s ride so I led the group on an indirect route via Writtle, Loves Green, Fryerning, Ingatestone and Hanningfield reservoir. We took in the lane via Warren Road and Chalk Street which makes a nice alternative to the relatively busy road to South Hanningfield.

At elevenses we met up with 4 more riders but 3 went home before the 9 remaining set off for lunch at Maldon. I had been off cycling for 4 weeks, so I was not on peak form and even in normal circumstances that peak is pretty low! So I rued having included in the route the demanding hill up Edwin’s Hall Road to the radio masts. The rest of the group had already been encouraged not to stay behind me and duly waited at the top.

At lunch our numbers were boosted further when we met up with Brian and John D at The Rose and Crown. By the time we left the sun was shining and the dull day had turned into an exceptionally pleasant one for the time of year.

Gradually the group dispersed on the return to chelmsford with 3 riders having tea at Bunsey Downs.

I arrived home with 49 miles on the clock.

Here is a link to my strava record: