15th July and another hot ride

The previous Sunday I was part of a breakaway group that went to join SEG for lunch. The last bit to Andrewsfield was off-road and unfortunately almost un-rideable due to a fresh layer of brick and concrete rubble. This left me wary of including further off-road tracks so the Tuesday before today’s ride I went to check some out. I found two acceptable but I had road alternatives. On the first one between Kings St and Mill Ln near High Ongar three riders chose to ride it and it was where our off-road expert, Dave S, got a puncture. The four of us who did a sprint down the A414 and through High Ongar felt we had made the right choice!

The elevenses on the runs list was Delimores in Ongar but their new premises weren’t open so we went further into town to Nerissa and Claire’s within Budworth Hall.

After our refreshments Adrian left us to make sure he was home to see the World Cup final. The rest of us headed north to Moreton with a loop round the Lavers before descending on North Weald. Here was a track which gave a short cut and avoided some nasty hills so everyone rode it.

The Mole Trap at Tawney Common is in an isolated location but even with our relatively early arrival it was busy. There was a shortage of cheese and brown bread but we all found something acceptable.

Afternoon tea was taken at Blackmore but not before a hot and hilly ride. Throughout the day we were being passed by riders on the Evans Ride It Essex Sportive. Along Shonks Mill Rd I came up behind a tired, lone rider who was doing the 68 mile ride. Fortunately he didn’t have far to go to the Secret Nuclear Bunker (sorry, I couldn’t possibly tell you where it is!).

Mel M