20 May – Photos to go with Mel’s blog below

The first three show the amazing number of bikes and cyclists at the Blue Egg as we were leaving, the queue stretching out of the restaurant to the far side of the patio. The fourth one shows John D’s latest tandem creation.  His engineering skills are very impressive.  Click on each images to see a larger version.



May 20th ,2018- Late Spring sunshine

There are only so many ways out of Chelmsford and I thought I knew most of them but Adrian took the four of us out on a route I wasn’t familiar with. This was through the university, around Broomfields Hospital and then an off-road track to Broads Green.

Along the straight near Andrewsfield we met a race organised by London Phoenix CC in progress and kept well out of their way.

A combination of sun on a Sunday usually means many cyclists congregating at Blue Egg. And so it was with bikes everywhere and loads of riders sitting outside but to our surprise it was empty indoors. We placed our orders and went to sit with Dave R. Then several clubs arrived including some from Islington and St Ives. John and Maggie arrived in the midst of this on their new machine. On leaving we examined this electrically assisted tandem trike. By now even more cyclists had arrived and the queue extended a long way outside. We are not certain how Adrian managed to arrive in the lull of customers!

Suitably refreshed we made off for our pub lunch. As usual the Wagon and Horses at Great Yeldham were very accommodating despite being busy. A scooter club had decided to meet there and we had a look at their polished machines.

When it was time to head south Adrian took us to Timbers at Blake End for tea. It sounded like they had had their share of cyclists in the morning but we were the only ones there in the afternoon.

Dave left us soon afterwards and the four of us, Adrian, Martin, John B and I, headed for Chelmsford.

A very pleasant ride of 62 miles in ideal conditions.

Mel M