18th February- Another cold Sunday ride

Adrian led four riders out of Chelmsford on not only a cold but a misty morning. The mist gave some strange effects like the bottoms of pylons disappearing. On the way out near Sandford Mill we met a female runner who said something, which Adrian thought was “My pyjamas are in the fridge”. Later we came across a young lad with some disability coming up the ridge!

At Kelvedon Sandwich Bar we met Dave R, John D and Maggie. After tea cakes and drinks Martin, Phil, John and Maggie departed for home whilst we departed in the wrong direction for Maldon. This was due to an initial Garmin malfunction and it wasn’t until we got to Feering we decided it wasn’t right! A bit of back tracking and we were on way to arrive at the Rose and Crown in good time.

Stuffed with a Wetherspoons meal we decided on a tea stop at Butts Green Garden Centre. On Sporhams Lane we came up behind three members of the South East Group on their return ride.

Sandon was the last place all four of us were together as we started to split for different places. I was back in Chelmsford after 49 miles.

Mel Martin

4th February – A cold Sunday ride

A bitterly cold wind kept everyone other than the hardy, fools and the leader away. It was the kind of weather where sucking a Fisherman’s Friend was appropriate!

Four of us (Adrian, Dave S, Martin and I) left Chelmsford. The ride out by Mashbury Road, which is a steady climb and was into wind became too much for Martin who opted for a coffee at the Snug Café and a return home.

I led the remaining two into Dunmow from the west side, which is the most cycle friendly approach. Already at The Paradise Café were Dave R and Diana who had come by car.

Our exit from Dunmow was along the B1256, which was not a pleasant experience with loads of traffic, uphill and a cold crosswind. After Felsted there was only Adrian and me. I made for the Flitch Way, which was a bit of a mistake. Adrian’s mudguards got seriously clogged up so we had to get back to tarmac. Both wheels were removed to clear the guards.

On the way to the pub we did a grand tour of Great Notley’s cycle paths. At the Compasses in Littley Green we found both Daves, Diana and John B. John had been off riding for a while and was still suffering from a cold.

There was no interest in a tea stop so we rode back into Chelmsford with John coughing like a good’un.

Mel M