27th August Destination impossible

I had a look at destinations the night before and thought they don’t make sense i.e. we are likely to get to the pub in Clare at 13:50!

Adrian was down to lead so took six of us to our elevenses stop. Because Chelmsford to Aldham Mill Race is a long stage we went up through Springfield and round Boreham Interchange. I put this Interchange in the same category as Rettendon Turnpike i.e. avoid if possible.

We arrived at the garden centre as expected after 11:00 and found Phil there in civvies.

Adrian was going back so I proposed two likely destinations and it was decided to go to Layer de la Haye. I had a route prepared so took the lead. We were now down to five so easily fitted round a table at the Donkey and Buskins.

After lunch Martin went off to Abberton to meet his family but not before making a wrong turn and doing a U turn!

The remaining four of us made for Bunsay Downs for tea although JB rode straight passed.

I was on my own riding down Woodhill Road and didn’t think I would see anybody I would know. Turning into Mayes Lane were Brian Penny and Martin Pipe. SEG had been to Broads Green, which is not that far away so it must have been some drink session! Coming up to the junction near Sandon School I had behind me the unmistakeable sound of a British motorbike. I stopped to have a look and it was Brian Taylor out for a spin. The engine had to be stopped to make conversation.

Back in Chelmsford to retrieve my car I had done 65 miles.

Mel M

Sunday Ride to Abberton Reservoir and Copford 6 August 2017

A lovely sunny morning but only four of us turned up for the ride today. The first leg to Abberton was a little longer than our normal ride to elevenses at about 24 miles. This is slightly longer than the minimum distance but I wanted to avoid busy roads where possible. However we made good time and arrived at 11:07. The Essex Wildlife visitor centre has a very good café and we enjoyed sitting outside overlooking the reservoir.

The next leg to Copford was hard to plan as it’s only about 5 miles away but we managed to make it 9 miles! There we were joined by three more of our colleagues for lunch at the Alma which is now serving the lighter snacks again on Sunday lunchtime.

As we had not used it before I identified Cressing Barns as our tea stop and we rode there via Great Tey and Coggeshall with an increasing but manageable SW wind.

Having fuelled ourselves with cake and copious tea we set off for Chelmsford and I arrived back with about 63 miles on the clock.

Here is a link to my Strava record of the ride:


And you might find this an interesting presentation of it: