4th June 2017 – A ride to a very popular bikers stop.

The day’s leader, John B, announced he was ill and unable to ride so Adrian took up the challenge. There had been some pre-ride email conversation about the distance between venues. It was decided the distance between elevenses and lunch was too great.  The elevenses stop of Greenstead Green was retained but lunch was changed to Finchingfield.

Adrian, Martin, Ioan and me left Chelmsford in sunny but fresh conditions. On a blind bend on the road from Fuller Street to Ranks Green a car came hurtling round locking up its wheels. The driver was in complete denial he did anything wrong commenting we were in the middle of the road. It was lucky we weren’t because the car was nearly the same width as the road.

At Greenstead Green we met up with Dave, Ken, John D, Heather and Eric. From these only John joined us for the ride to lunch. There were a few stops for him to have a puff on his inhaler and to retrieve his hat!

The Red Lion is now called the Finchingfield Lion. There were no sandwiches available so three of us made our way to the Picture Pot Tearoom. Adrian and John were happy with what the pub could provide. I re-joined them later for a beer. Martin and Ioan then made off leaving the three of us to have a swift visit to the Guildhall opposite. At the turning for Bardfield Saling John continued straight on leaving Adrian and me to continue to Chelmsford with no tea stop.

Mel M

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