Sunday Ride to Widdington 9 April 2017

An unbelievable summer’s day in early April drew the crowds and 10 started for this ride.  With temperatures into the mid 20s riding was a pure joy, only tinged by an increasing southerly wind for the return journey.

At Andrewsfield Dave R, Peter T from Cambridge and John D on his recumbent trike joined us for elevenses.  The numbers rather stretched the resources of the cafe resulting in a long slow-moving queue.  Some debate took place over elevenses regarding the pace of the ride and there is an issue here we need to resolve in the group.  I am probably in the middle of the range and can see both points of view as I trail sometimes on hills. The one bit of data from yesterday relevant to this issue is that my moving average speed was 12.5mph which is not far from the norm we used to work to.

For various reasons only 6 went on to lunch. It was a nice change to be doing a route which was not out and back but more of a circular ride.  We started on the track from the airfield to Lubberhedges Lane which is a useful shortcut and quite navigable.  By the turning to Monk Street John D had a puncture.  It had not occurred to me before that in the case of the two front wheels you can change the tube without removing the wheel and John had it sorted in double quick time.








We headed through Monk Street to the Boxted Road then up to the tall and rather ugly radio mast near Hamperden End before taking the bye-way down to Widdington.  Here the Fleur-de-Lys pub was awash with customers, many enjoying the sunshine in the garden.  A 45 minute wait for food was forecast.  Peter T however got his in 15 minutes due to someone else having over-ordered the same choice.  However my soup could not be accelerated so I cancelled it as I was anxious not to miss the planned tea stop at High Easter.

John Davis, Peter Tibbitts, Martin Cockersole and John Beaumont outside the Fleur de Lys at Widdington 9 April 2017

Liquid refreshment at the Fleur-de-Lys in Widdington (photo from Mel – thanks!)

We said goodbye to Peter and headed for High Easter against a nagging Southerly wind but managed to get there by 3.30.  We then headed back to Chelmsford where my computer showed 62.5 miles.  This was not enough for John B however who went on an extra 20 mile loop at the end of the day!

Here is a link to my Strava record:



(totally frustrated being unable to remove the gap in this post.  It’s fine in the edited version but won’t update  correctly)

2nd April 2017- A sunny Sunday ride to Goldhanger

Seven riders left Chelmsford led by me.

Normally crossing the A130 to get into the Channels road is a mad dash but today it was more relaxed as the Chelmsford bound traffic was at a standstill.

After Domsey Lane I had a bit of a senior moment and had put up with jibes as I did a U turn!

The ride to elevenses was at a lively pace, which fitted in with the riders I had.

Colman’s Bridge over the A12 was a bit tricky as they have put in a width reduction after a truck went over the side.

We arrived at Perrywood GC at 10:58 to find all the bike racks occupied. Inside we found seven riders, three who later joined us to lunch.

I hacked off a bit of my original route to get to the Chequers before the 1 pm rush. Having being denied access to Tudwick Road the previous Tuesday I wanted to see what work had been carried out. It now has a lovely smooth surface dressing.

Getting to the pub early worked and the ten of us took over the billiard room.

As usual I lost riders as they decided their best way home and ended up with only Dave R for the tea stop at White Elm, Bicknacre. Afterwards we absorbed a bit of culture by visiting the remains of the priory.

It was then a solo ride back to Wickford for me and near BHN nursery I caught up with Jim C of the SEG doing the same thing. They had to forgo a tea stop because the food at Little Totham Swan had been slow coming out.

Back home after 66 miles.

Mel M