March 26, 2017 Mother’s Day and the problems it presents!

Seven left Chelmsford led by Adrian although John temporally left us to fetch another bike after finding a defective tyre.

We had only just left the start when a pedestrian advised us our route was for buses only. It is odd how much advice cyclists get whereas if you did the same with a car driver there would be a road rage incident! In this case the advice was complete rubbish.

Phil left us at the Notleys and the magnificent six doesn’t sound right. After Perry Green we met a lot of traffic so we knew something was up. The A120 was closed eastbound and it gave us a very easy crossing towards Stisted.

At the Greenstead Café the members of staff were getting worked up about Mother’s Day lunches and clearly didn’t want us to loiter. We found Dave and Ken already there and Eric and Heather joined us a little later.

Before the ride it had been decided finding a pub that would take us let alone do bar snacks would be impossible to find so we opted for lunch at Aldham Mill Race Nursery. We were back to seven riders again. On the way we went down America Road, which was disappointing because it must have been a fake America as it wasn’t very big!

From here Adrian took us to Perrywood GC for tea where we found the largest queue I’ve seen there. It took about 20 minutes from joining the queue to sitting down with our refreshments. Obviously this was another Mother’s Day effect.

Our ride towards Chelmsford was wind assisted unlike most of ride to lunch. I was the only one who followed our leader into Chelmsford and when I regained my car I had done 59 miles. As ever, other mileages were available e.g. Diana c 75-80 miles.

Mel M


Sunday ride to Henham on 12th March 2017

With a grim weather forecast I wasn’t expecting many takers for this ride but there were eight of us at the start. Three returned back to Chelmsford after elevenses at Brett’s when we finally got to pay for our refreshments. There was a mixture of service at the counter and at the table, which got the girls confused.

The rain held off to about Elsenham and was only light. It was at Elsenham we negotiated two level crossings, one unmanned and the other with full manned gates. Both had us waiting for trains to pass.

At The Cock in Henham we met the Sunday lunch only problem and four of us went for soup. The soup was nice but it would have been better if we had some choice.

I had planned two routes for each section i.e. a full fine weather route and a shorter one for wet conditions. So far we had done the full route but after lunch with the continuing light rain and Martin feeling tired I went for a shorter ride to the Snug Café at High Easter. For once it wasn’t a mad dash to get there before they closed! The return to Chelmsford was the standard Mashbury/ Chignal Road one giving 57 miles for Dave R and me back to our cars in Meteor Way.

Mel M