A mild weather ride to Purleigh on 29th January

I left Wickford with SEG but after a couple of miles we parted company as I headed off to meet the Chelmsford Group at Heybridge Basin. Led by John B they had just arrived as I turned up at The Lock Café. With much rearrangement of the furniture we all got seated together but then head honcho Adrian turned up so another chair was purloined.

To reach The Bell at Purleigh John put in a small loop through Langford, Hoe Mill and Woodham Mortimer. At Cock Clarks we met SEG making their way to The Fox and Hounds nearby.

Brian T had made his own way to The Bell and was seated at a large round table. It was reserved for another party but we had it until 13:30. It was no problem as the food was served quickly.

On our return ride after Bicknacre we were down to six riders. At East Hanningfield, John, Dave S and Dave R were going right to Butts Green Garden Centre and Brian, Diana and I were going left for home. This didn’t happen until we had a good chat, which included discussing Airey Houses because we had stopped beside a row of them. These were prefabricated houses built after WWII and later suffered a number of defects including structural and lack of insulation. At least two of the houses beside us had been modified.

The BBC had forecast heavy rain from any time after noon but it never materialised on my way home.

Mel Martin

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