Sunday Ride to Monk Street – 4 December 2016

With Mel having kept this blog going for a few weeks (thanks Mel!) it’s about time I did my bit again.

Wow – what a wonderful day it was today with clear blue sky all day and only a light easterly wind. Maybe the slight early frost put a few people off which is a shame as we had no problems with slippery surfaces at all. Consequently only 4 of us started from the City Hall.

The trip to elevenses at Bretts in White Roding is a bit short for the first leg, so I put in some loops south and north of the A414 before taking our normal route via Birds Green and Abbess Roding.

About a mile before we got there I stopped briefly to fiddle with my GPS which had turned itself off. I didn’t need it for navigation but it was recording the route so I wanted it on again. However it was a bad move as Dave S looked round to see what I was doing and promptly fell off after an altercation with the verge. He was fine but his front mudguard had become detached and took a bit of re-fixing.

At Bretts we were seriously outnumbered by about 50 riders from the Crest CC. Fortunately we had arrived slightly ahead of them and our service was not affected.

The ride to lunch at Monk Street took us close to Hatfield Broadoak then via Takely, Molehill Green and Broxted. We kept up a reasonable pace despite my relatively poor performance on the hills which are significant around Broxted.

Lunch at the Farmhouse Inn was a cosy affair as our numbers had now swollen to 6 with Dave R and John D having joined us. It was very busy and we were lucky to get a table in a nook opposite the bar.

Having finished by about 1.20 we decided to head off to Chelmsford. Unfortunately by doing so we missed John B who unbeknown to us arrived to join us at 1.30.

The ride back was via Lindsell and Felsted with Dave R and John B peeling off at appropriate points to head for home.

I arrived home around 3.15 with 56 miles on my computer.

Here is a link to my Strava record:


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