Another Sunday Ride to Matching Tye 27 November 2016

It was only six weeks ago we visited Matching Tye but the pub is very good.

With no access to the car I headed out of Wickford with the SEG but soon turned off for Blackmore to meet up with the Chelmsford Group. Six riders led by Dave Southin arrived about five minutes after me. Dave Russell was looking at this lady in Lycra and asked how can women look so elegant when we look like a load of tramps? I got his point and I don’t think Adrian has ever described himself has svelte!

Dave S took us on a short route to Matching Tye, which involved riding a bit of the A414. We arrived at The Fox early but the garden was already full of bikes. The six of us had to split up to find seats. I went for the smoked salmon sandwich and a Spitfire, which was quite expensive (£10.45) but as they say, I’m worth it! As we were leaving we noticed one group was from the Central London CTC. I found out later their ride was train assisted i.e. from Harold Wood and then back to Romford. Their route can be found on

There was no interest in an afternoon tea stop so we headed back on a fairly direct route with me veering off at Willingale. I got home without having to use my lights and did about 10 miles more than the London group.

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