21st August 2016- A Sunday ride into Suffolk

The six of us led by Adrian were blown north to Marks Tey. Norman, Heather and Eric decided the Bungalow Diner would be their elevenses stop. We were tempted to do the same but decided to carry on to the designated stop of Aldham Mill Race in case someone had gone there to meet us. It was just as well as Phil was waiting in the tearoom. His lad was gliding up at Wormingford, which gave him the perfect excuse to ride with us.

I don’t think anyone else noticed but as we crossed Wormingford Bridge into Suffolk a heron was keeping pace with us before giving up! This part of the route up to Assington was identical to Colchester 40 mile event. At the Shoulder of Mutton we were met with the curse of “We only do Sunday roasts”. It was a good job we had a plan B, which in this case B stood for Bures. The Eight Bells was full of life and provided excellent sandwiches.

Afternoon tea was taken at Paycockes in Coggeshall, a very relaxing location. We left Phil as he had to return to Wormingford Airfield. There was still a good breeze, mainly against us, and nobody fancied riding across Silver End Airfield so Adrian, Dave S and I set off for Kelvedon. Our return retraced much of our outward route but with the head wind we went for the shortest way back into Chelmsford. There were many signs in the city that the V Festival was taking place but mainly from the volume of the music.


One thought on “21st August 2016- A Sunday ride into Suffolk

  1. A good day out. I thought afterwards that if you hadn’t come to Aldham, I’d probably have headed up to Assington…and would probably have missed you there too due to the lunch choices. Great that you can now publish ride reports directly. See you soon.

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