April 2016- Two men went to — lunch!

Posted for Mel Martin:

It was glorious cycling weather but a surprisingly small turnout of three riders (Martin C, Norman and I). My route took us by SEG’s elevenses venue but at 10:05. Our elevenses was at Heybridge Basin, which we accessed by the towpath. The fine weather seemed to have brought out everyone who had a dog! At the café we found four CTC members, three who had come by car. The fourth was Ken Rickwood who joined us on our ride to Layer de la Haye. So with one going back we retained a nice even three.

Ken continued homewards leaving only Martin and me to go into the Donkey and Buskins for a long chat over beer and baguettes.

The ride back involved a stop at Bunsay Downs and by the time I got back into Chelmsford I had done 64.9 miles.



2 thoughts on “April 2016- Two men went to — lunch!

  1. I was one of the many (it seems) out with the dog, having agreed to dog-sit for friends for a couple of weeks. Due to my son’s new hobby, we were at Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club at Wormingford, enjoying the sunshine there. Sounds like a good day out for the very select group. Hope to join you soon.

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