3 January 2016 – Sunday Ride to Maldon

“Cycling in the Rain” came to me on this ride as a variation on the well known Gene Kelly song. I’m just not sure that the following line about being happy again was quite appropriate though!  Yes, it rained from start to finish and the planned ride to lunch at Stow Maries was curtailed by agreement ‘nem con’!

Three of us were determined (or crazy) enough to go to the start and we agreed we would go to the Maldon elevenses stop by my planned route and review then.  This route was a bit longer than strictly necessary to get to Maldon and took in the cycle route to Hammonds Lane, then via Little Baddow, Nounsley, Ulting and Langford Park.  Given the conditions perhaps Langford Park was not such a great idea but we made it through with a bit of slipping and sliding!

After some debate we decided to take the direct route up Market Hill to the Fig Tree café in Maldon.  I am so glad I had specified a really low bottom gear on my Thorn bike or I might not have made it without dismounting.

The Fig Tree café is excellent.  We always get good service there, the quality is good and the prices very reasonable.  We were pleased to find Dave R already having his tea and teacake.  We managed to spend a happy hour there putting the world to rights before venturing out again into the rain for our ride back to Chelmsford via Danbury and Sandon.

I arrived home at about 1.15pm with 32 miles on the clock.

Here is a link to my Strava record: