Sunday 29th November 2015- Windy out!

Five riders left Chelmsford led by John B in a heavy drizzle. The journey out to elevenses was generally with the wind behind us. Down Hammonds Road I made a mental note not to come back that way.

At Perrywood Nursery we found Dave R already seated. Ken Rickwood joined us later.

Afterwards both headed for home as did Peter T. It left four of us to set off on a loop before lunch but I think John went further north than he intended. We looped round the top of Birch Airfield and from Birch village it was a constant struggle against a buffeting headwind. Martin C had found it too much of a struggle earlier and decided to make plans for getting home.

Because of the wind we arrived at the Chequers in Goldhanger later than we intended. It was very busy and fortunately with only three of us, John, Jason and I, we propped ourselves up against part of the bar.

Our exit from Goldhanger went well at first but John missed a turn and we found we were going back along the main road! We only did about 50 yards as I knew it was wrong i.e. I recognised the road and the wind was from the wrong direction.

Back on course we pulled into Bunsay Downs for refreshments and a break from the wind. Christmas had arrived with two members of staff putting up decorations.

With our lights on we made for Chelmsford with one almighty gust at the Danbury roundabouts almost halting progress. Back at my car in Meteor Way I had covered 55 miles and was relieved we didn’t get the heavy rain forecast.


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