Sunday Oct 18th

Posted for Mel Martin:

Chelmsford Ride Report Sunday 18th October 2015-
The Tour de Navestock
It was the day of the Chelmsford Marathon so our outward journey avoided the cycle way through Central Park and we picked up NCN 1 well after Writtle. We still had to contend with runners/marshals etc. until Radley Green.
The nine of us out stopped for elevenses at the café attached to Budworth Hall in Ongar. It was a bit of squeeze getting us in but a table for seven of us was prepared.
Afterwards Adrian took us down some lovely quiet lanes in the Stanford Rivers area where the only traffic seemed to be horses.
Heather and Eric left us on Shonks Mill Road as we turned up Mill Lane. The hill up this lane had Tom and Dave with their fixies out of the saddle for a long period!
We arrived at the Alma Arms at Horseman Side about 12:40. Food and drink had to be ordered separately at different tills and we were given a pager. When that went off we all got up to collect our food from the counter. The beer was more expensive than usual but the food cheaper e.g. pint of Suffolk County £3.70, BLT baguette £3.95.
The problem Adrian had now was finding a threeses stop at the appropriate time so a few loops were put in. No advice on which way we should go was offered on this stage! At Swallows Cross the group headed for Blackmore Tea Room but I headed off for tea at chez Martin. 57 miles in dry, mild weather with only light winds leaves little reason to moan.
Mel Martin
Link to my route

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