Dunwich Dynamo overnight ride 4/5 July 2015

Having already done 4 ‘Dun Runs’ I really didn’t intend to do a fifth.  But then I thought I missed last year for family reasons and hadn’t therefore done it since passing my 70th  ‘milestone’.  The weather forecast was good so it seemed like a challenge I couldn’t ignore.  My wife was happy (I use the word loosely) to get up at the crack of dawn to collect me on Sunday, so I made a late decision to go for it.

I had a good ride and arrived at Dunwich at 5.40am feeling not too much the worse for wear.  I guess being a natural insomniac has some advantages, but 115 miles is by far my longest ride since the Exmouth Exodus last year.

I have mixed feelings about this event.  It really has outgrown itself and has become too much the province of the speed merchants.  As a touring type I feel rather intimidated as one of these groups comes pounding up behind in the dark and races past like a swarm of wasps, often leaving me little wriggle-room to avoid road defects.  And whereas on my first Dynamo in 2007 I had some spells of peace and solitude to enjoy the still of the night, this simply doesn’t happen much now.  Interestingly most of these fast groups seem to pass you numerous times as they keep stopping whether for punctures or to feed.

Also I really didn’t appreciate the half a dozen riders I saw and heard, who were playing music from portable players on their racks or in their rucksacks.  It brought out the worst of the ‘Victor Meldrew’ in me!

One rider came alongside and asked me if I ride with SEGS.  I told him no Chelmsford, but I do know quite a few riders in SEGS.  Turned out he was Peter Wotherspoon’s son-in-law and it was good to have a chat with him.

I had a few stops on the way, first to consume my own food at Dunmow by the doctor’s pond, then at Sudbury in a pub which I’d better not name as it was 1am!  My last stop was at a wayside property near Helmingham which offered a very welcome bacon butty.

Here is a link to my Strava record: https://www.strava.com/activities/339291250

A few photos:


My lighting and navigation kit


At London Fields for start


More riders at London Fields


Sunset near North Weald (see also sunrise below)


Bacon Butty stop near Helmingham


Sunrise over Suffolk (how can “pink sky ant night etc” be right? Sunset and sunrise were both pink!)


Made it! Breakfast at Dunwich



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