One thought on “Sunday Ride to Waltham Abbey 12 April 2015

  1. 12th April 2015 – Criss-crossing of the motorways
    The fine weather had tempted 11 riders out on a ride that was mainly out to the south west into a fairly strong headwind and where the terrain gets lumpy. Our leader, Dave Southin, took us on an interesting route on roads I had long forgotten from when I lived in Waltham Abbey 1983-1993.
    After the hilly section of Stapleford Abbots and Lambourne End we had earned our 11s stop at The Bridge Cafe in Abridge. In contrast to the previous week in Thaxted we were welcome and the prices were reasonable.
    To get to our lunch destination required getting over the Epping Forest ridge and Dave opted for a route just under Epping and then used a private road to get to the ruins of Copthall. There was a short stop to look at it and discuss what happened. In brief, it was built in 1750s, gutted by fire in 1917 and stripped of anything useful in the 1950s.
    It was mainly a downhill ride into Waltham Abbey where we had lunch at The Angel. Yet again I was surprised by how cheap it was. Are we being ripped off in other places?
    After the pub stop Chris and Julia made their own way home whilst I led the group through the Abbey Gardens for Martin to get our picture in front of the Abbey Church.
    For the exit from the town Dave led us up the Crooked Mile and on to Broadley Common. Cor blast bor that was busy! After skirting round south Harlow we came across the large elongated roundabout over the M11 and I thought what is going to happen here? Fortunately Dave knew a safe route round it and we ended up in the Harlow Garden Centre for threeses. The timing was just right as the doors were closed behind us. The closeness to North Weald airfield was confirmed by a Hunter jet roaring over us.
    With the wind behind us Hastingwood, Moreton and Fyfield flashed by until we got to Willingale where there was a split of riders. Some opted to continue on NCR 1 but four of us headed for Roxwell. The latter was probably more direct and exposed but with the strong back wind that was a bonus.
    Lots of sunshine and a genuine 100km ride. What more could you ask for? Probably a little less wind.
    The route on Google maps


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