Easter Sunday Ride to Thaxted/Henham

Easter Sunday showed us what was hopefully the beginnings of Spring, with clusters of primroses and daffs lining the kerbsides of the lanes. Seven riders shunned the domestic Easter-Egg hunt in favour of a bracing ride to Thaxted taking the very pretty route through Butchers Pasture. We got there for eleven, but the only café open was “busy with bookings” (which had yet to arrive) – and a little stressed if you ask me. The Commandant didn’t care too much for cyclists, suggesting that we remove our shoes to visit the toilet, even though there was no logical reason for doing so and ushered us off a table that was booked for lunch at least an hour later. I was therefore quite amused when, just as we were leaving, the combined ranks of 2 large groups of about 15 riders apiece from Cambridge and Hertford respectively converged on the place, stomping about in their cleated shoes and causing absolute mayhem behind the counter.

I must confess that I was thinking about aborting the run to lunch, fearing the “bookings only” syndrome common to Essex pubs at Easter/Christmas/fathers/mother’s day etc. In fact I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Cock at Henham welcomed us, fitted us in and even supplied sandwiches which were of both excellent quality and price. Ex-Chelmsford Secretary Felix Ormerod joined us, riding an ancient and rare “lightweight” fixie and stayed with the group for the longish run back to High Easter for tea. Well, Easter at Easter, – it had to be done!

Adrian Leeds

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