Sunday Ride to Allen’s Green 15 February 2015

Seven of our Group gathered at the Town Hall on a calm if rather cloudy morning.  We were very happy to welcome Jason, a new member of our group.  With an elevenses stop scheduled for White Roding we needed to take an indirect route to make up a reasonable mileage.  So we headed out towards Highwood before turning north towards Cooksmill Green, Radley Green and Willingdale.  Just north of Abbess Roding Diana suffered a puncture but we arrived at Bretts for elevenses just on 11 am.


Puncture number 1 – 1 mile from elevenses

Six of us then went on to lunch at Allen’s Green via Matching Tye, Sheering and High Wych. In The Queen’s Head we met up with John who had cycled over from Halsted.  We enjoyed the excellent ale and the simple but very acceptable food before we set off for the ride home.

The sky was becoming a bit more broken with glimpses of sunshine as we rode around the southern side of Hatfield Forest and headed to High Easter post office for a very enjoyable tea stop.  It’s great to have this facility open on Sundays in an area which was rather lacking in convenient tea stops.

Dave found his rear tyre had deflated when we set off on the final leg home.  He pumped it up but after about 2 miles we had to stop while he changed it.  This was actually a very pleasant stop in the late afternoon sunshine.


Puncture number 2 – two miles from tea

I arrived home at about 5pm with 58 miles on the clock.

Here is my Strava record:

Hope to see you again Jason!


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