Sunday Ride to Cornish Hall End 22 June 2014

A beautiful sunny and warm day with light wind.  A cyclists’ paradise, but where were all the Chelmsford CTC members? Only four at the start and two more at Andrewsfield – we better that on most cold overcast days in winter!  Maybe the Little Haven charity ride was a rival attraction?

Anyway we had a great ride led by Diana with elevenses at Andrewsfield and supposedly lunch at Cornish Hall End.  However the pub had a beer festival in full swing and could not supply food unless we paid £3 each to go in to the field behind. When I asked why we should pay three pounds to go in simply to get a burger I was told there was a lot more entertainment in there such as the (naff) music which we could unfortunately hear anyway.

We gave it up as a bad job and headed for the Red Lion in Finchingfield where we enjoyed excellent baguettes for only a little more than the entry fee at Cornish Hall End.

We headed via Shalford to Rayne station for tea and were pleased to see how much resurfacing has been done in preparation for Le Tour.  We arrived back in Chelmsford having covered 57 miles and the sun was still shining.

My Strava record:


One thought on “Sunday Ride to Cornish Hall End 22 June 2014

  1. A shame about lunch. Perfect day otherwise with just enough breeze to make the temperature comfortable. I followed the TdF route back towards Broomfield after elevenses…and so did the cycling world and his wife. There were no fewer than three different events on these roads around lunchtime – an Evans ‘ride-it’ sportive, the LittleHavens ride you mentioned and a version of the London to Cambridge. I cycled beside a rider from ‘up North’ on mile forty something out of sixty on the seemingly circuitous London to Cambridge. I think he’d expected our roads to be pan-flat rather than gently undulating; we enjoyed a chat.

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