The DOT SHARP memorial ride

I’d say it was a success despite the weather and only half the riders turning up. We still got 20, but as “organiser” – I’m biased anyway. Here’s a quick quote from one of the victims who paid the immense sum of £5 to enter-on-the-line…. 11th May 2014 – The Dot Sharp ride No doubt the damp blowy weather restricted the entry numbers. Adrian had 19 riders on his register. Both the Chelmsford and Havering Groups were well represented but SEG had only two, Brian P and I. I got away dead on 9.30 and was out on my own, which was convenient as I had a phlegm issue! The rain stopped about 10.00 and I carried on alone to our first check point at Hatfield Heath. Whilst I was having some refreshments Brian and the Chelmsford bunch turned up. I then paired up with Brian for the rest of the ride. After Hatfield Broad Oak my rear tyre suddenly deflated. The fix was too hasty as I could feel something was wrong so about a mile up the road I stopped and noticed the tyre wasn’t sitting in the rim properly. That sorted we made good progress with the wind behind us. There was a quick stop at Great Waltham to write down the answer to the second control question and then it was largely riding into wind. After Chelmsford Brian began to flag and at the top of the hill just before Stock I waited for him. He told me to go on, which I did. The ride up to Padhams Green into wind was tough. I was down on the drops, which was an option Brian didn’t have. I got back to the finish at 13.50 and found 4 or 5 Baddow Club members already there. I think they passed me when I had the puncture. A mug of tea, a chocolate biscuit, a chat with Adrian and then Brian joined us. Computer read out 51.4 miles, average speed 14.0, max speed 30.2 mph. Brian declined a lift to Billericay Station so I went back through Padhams Green and met the Chelmsford Group completing the last stretch. I think I they had had a culture/lunch stop off route at Great Canfield Church. Summary- enjoyable but could have done without the wind! Mel Martin


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