Sunday Ride – 27 October 2013 – Allens Green

Horror stories in the media of an impending hurricane and torrential rain must have weighed heavily on our regular riders as there were only four of us at the start for today’s ride to Allens Green.  Of course another explanation may be that they turned up at 9am BST rather than GMT!

The early morning rain had stopped and we set off in bright sunshine, led by Dave on an excellent route of about 20 miles using the lanes to Hatfield Heath for elevenses.  Some sections into the strong squally SW wind were quite tough.

Peter had a puncture in Hatfield Broad Oak which he and Dave fixed in next-to-no time.


A quick puncture repair job at Hatfield Broad Oak.  Left to right: Phil, Dave and Peter.

At Hatfield Heath the teashop was overflowing with cyclists and there was no chance of finding a table so we headed on to the excellent Shed café Sawbridgeworth.

Only Dave and I were able to continue to lunch at Allens Green, following which we headed back to Chelmsford.  Rain squalls for the first 7 miles or so were not too pleasant but with the wind behind us after Birds Green we had an enjoyable fast run back into Roxwell.

We arrived back at about 3.45 having covered 56 miles.

Here is a link to my Strava record of the ride:


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