Sunday Ride – 20th October 2013 – Ford Street

Five of us gathered at the Town Hall despite the appalling weather. We took shelter under the theatre canopy whilst we decided whether we really wanted to cycle in these conditions.  After 15 minutes the rain subsided and our leader Adrian led us off on the long route to Boreham  via Sandford Mill and Hammonds Road.  Our persistence was paying off and we enjoyed a dry sunny morning. We headed by the normal route to Tiptree in the course of which John and Adrian did the climb to Wickham Bishops twice.  Diana had a puncture at the bottom of the hill but they hadn’t realised this and carried on to the top before turning back.

Beryl met us for elevenses at Tiptree and joined us for the rest of the ride. We decided to change the lunch destination in view of the rain expected later and headed for Ford Street via Messing and Copford.  We decided to abandon a tea stop as we could see the gathering dark clouds approaching and thought we should get home asap. As it turned out if we had opted for a tea stop at Notley Golf Club we might have sat out the rain.  Instead we got a soaking for the last 8 miles into Chelmsford and of course the rain stopped as soon as we arrived!

Anyway we had a mostly very enjoyable ride – 57 miles altogether.

Here is my Strava  record of the ride:


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