Ride to Horseheath (Cambs) Sunday 6 October 2013

Nine riders assembled at the Town Hall on a fabulous sunny morning and we were very pleased to see Helen out for her second ride with the Group. Our elevenses destination was Finchingfield, and we took a less than direct route using minor roads via Little Leighs, Rayne and Shalford. The countryside looked idyllic in the autumn sunshine. An idiotic young driver going far too fast round a blind bend on a narrow lane forced me onto the verge and narrowly missed the rest of the group.

Finchingfield was swarming with bikers and cyclists, no doubt encouraged by the warm sunshine. Luckily we had arrived just in time to avoid the rush in the café and were pleased to be joined by Peter T who came on to lunch with us at Horseheath.


Chelmsfordcity CTC riders at Finchingfield today (excluding myself of course!)

(Note: if you click on the photo you can see the full-sized version)

The Old Red Lion at Horseheath is highly recommended with great food and service. Even though they really focus on the carvery on Sunday they still made up some excellent meat sandwiches for us and the soup I had was top-notch.

We returned via Ashdon ,Radwinter and Thaxted (taking in an excellent off-road but very rideable section near Wimbish Green) and stopped at the Tilty Church flower festival for tea and cake.
We returned to Chelmsford by our usual route having clocked up 73 miles.

Here are my Strava records:

AM http://www.strava.com/activities/87252650

PM http://www.strava.com/activities/87330509


3 thoughts on “Ride to Horseheath (Cambs) Sunday 6 October 2013

  1. Thanks, Martin, I really enjoyed this and only wish I could have gone on to Horseheath. Glad those that did made the most of the warm afternoon. Good picture!

    • I have really enjoyed my couple of rides out with the group, and have been made to feel very welcome – I will return for more! Thanks Helen

      • Really good to hear, Helen. Positive feedback! Enjoyed your company and you’re always very welcome whenever you can make it.

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