Colchester CTC 100 – Sunday 29 September

I opted today for the CTC Essex 100k event organised by the Colchester Member Group.

A scheduled 8am start at the Bricklayer’s Arms in Colchester meant dragging myself out of bed a tad earlier than I would have chosen after a late night yesterday. But the fresh sunny morning looked really inviting and we were blessed with almost unbroken sunshine for the whole event.

An excellent turn-out of 60 riders was a just reward for the planning and organising by the Colchester Group, particularly Malcolm Mitchell who was the prime mover of this first big event for the local group.

The route took us up to Clare then Finchingfield, Kelvedon and back to Colchester. A delightful route only tarnished a bit by the unremitting headwind across the airfield towards Coggeshall.

I was not concentrating and missed a critical turning which resulted in a detour to Belchamp Walter and clocked up 110km according to Strava. A couple of stops for drinks and sandwiches, but I had about 30 minutes in hand against the 6 hour time limit.

My Strava record is here:

Well done Malcolm! Many thanks for all your hard work as organiser of a very successful event.


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