Semaine Federale

Got very tanned last week riding the Semaine Federale in and around the beautiful Loire Atlantique grape and wine producing region of France. This feast of cyclotourisme is a quite unique French blend of riding, eating, drinking and celebrating the art of cycling. Attendance was a staggering 9600 taking part in 7 days of organised rides. The routes were graded according to difficulty so you could pick from a menu each day ranging from 45 Km to around 200. I settled for the easier end of the scale, completing 914 Km if my cycle computer is correct. The sheer feat of organisation was amazing. Our group of Brits were billeted, fed and guided throughout. We took in scenic roads and tracks through beautiful villages with optional visits to fantastic chateaux where we tasted wines and took in the surroundings. Feeding points were set up at regular intervals, fully staffed to feed and water all riders and supplemented by local music, dance and general cultural input. Excellent road surfaces, considerate and respectful drivers, wall-to-wall sunshine and huge public support came at no extra cost. Highly recommended!


Adrian LeedsImage

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