Sunday 16 June – Nayland Anchor Inn

Our Group is giving true meaning to ‘gender equality’ with a group of 10 riders at the Town Hall for today’s ride comprising five men and five women.  It was great to see Delia and Geraldine back after a break.

Dave led us on an unusual (and slightly extended) route to Copford for elevenses where six more members joined us giving a total of 16, still split 50/50 men and women! Six headed for home and 10 of us went on to Nayland for Lunch at the Anchor Inn beside the river.  The pub was holding a beer festival for charity and seemed to be the destination for a large charity cycle ride.  The place was awash with cyclists which is always good to see.

We headed for the Dutch Nursery at Coggeshall for tea, but as soon as they saw us arriving at 3.25pm they shut the café.  However that turned out to be our luck as we went to the adjacent new Vineyard restaurant instead which was excellent with great service.  They even have 6 Sheffield stands for our bikes.  I think the nursery has lost our custom.

We arrived back in Chelmsford at about 6pm having covered 72 very enjoyable miles.

(With thanks to Adrian for the full explanation below of what was going on at the pub!)


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