Sunday ride to Henham on 12th March 2017

With a grim weather forecast I wasn’t expecting many takers for this ride but there were eight of us at the start. Three returned back to Chelmsford after elevenses at Brett’s when we finally got to pay for our refreshments. There was a mixture of service at the counter and at the table, which got the girls confused.

The rain held off to about Elsenham and was only light. It was at Elsenham we negotiated two level crossings, one unmanned and the other with full manned gates. Both had us waiting for trains to pass.

At The Cock in Henham we met the Sunday lunch only problem and four of us went for soup. The soup was nice but it would have been better if we had some choice.

I had planned two routes for each section i.e. a full fine weather route and a shorter one for wet conditions. So far we had done the full route but after lunch with the continuing light rain and Martin feeling tired I went for a shorter ride to the Snug Café at High Easter. For once it wasn’t a mad dash to get there before they closed! The return to Chelmsford was the standard Mashbury/ Chignal Road one giving 57 miles for Dave R and me back to our cars in Meteor Way.

Mel M

A mild weather ride to Purleigh on 29th January

I left Wickford with SEG but after a couple of miles we parted company as I headed off to meet the Chelmsford Group at Heybridge Basin. Led by John B they had just arrived as I turned up at The Lock Café. With much rearrangement of the furniture we all got seated together but then head honcho Adrian turned up so another chair was purloined.

To reach The Bell at Purleigh John put in a small loop through Langford, Hoe Mill and Woodham Mortimer. At Cock Clarks we met SEG making their way to The Fox and Hounds nearby.

Brian T had made his own way to The Bell and was seated at a large round table. It was reserved for another party but we had it until 13:30. It was no problem as the food was served quickly.

On our return ride after Bicknacre we were down to six riders. At East Hanningfield, John, Dave S and Dave R were going right to Butts Green Garden Centre and Brian, Diana and I were going left for home. This didn’t happen until we had a good chat, which included discussing Airey Houses because we had stopped beside a row of them. These were prefabricated houses built after WWII and later suffered a number of defects including structural and lack of insulation. At least two of the houses beside us had been modified.

The BBC had forecast heavy rain from any time after noon but it never materialised on my way home.

Mel Martin

Cool ride to the Viper on Sunday 22nd January

I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t get the full complement of riders out as it was very cold. The BBC said it would be -1 deg C at 9 o’clock and I’m pretty sure when the four of us left Chelmsford it was still below zero!

As we went onto Woodhill Road we found a fog dense enough for me to put my lights on, which cleared as we climbed up to Danbury. I stopped near the top for us to regroup and Ioan who been following close behind me sat down on the kerb. I thought he was just having a rest but when Martin, who knows him better, caught up he realised Ioan wasn’t well. We think it was a combination of a bug and the cold. Martin escorted him back to Chelmsford.

This left Dave S and me to continue onto Billericay for elevenses. At the Wetherspoons we met Diana and Brian. Brian was in civvies having declared it too cold to ride. Diana was up for a ride so after a good chat we set off on a loop through Shenfield and Doddinghurst. I had been asked to keep the pace down, which was no problem and I lopped off a mile of my original route. Although we had been riding on white frost it wasn’t until Beggar Hill we found our first real ice where water had run across the road. A text from Martin saying he was trying to reserve a table at the pub hastened our progress. John B had also made it to the Viper. As we vacated our table a Southend Forty Plus rider and his friends grabbed it, such was the demand!

On Beggar Hill Diana had picked up a slow puncture so the first thing on getting outside was to fix it. Dave S didn’t shy away from getting his hands dirty!

An afternoon tea stop was never a serious consideration and after a couple of miles we all headed home in various directions.

Sunday 8 January – Ride to BHN Pot Plants and Maldon

Despite a typical drab early January day 8 riders turned up for the start. Our elevenses destination at BHN Pot Plants is too near for the first leg of a full day’s ride so I led the group on an indirect route via Writtle, Loves Green, Fryerning, Ingatestone and Hanningfield reservoir. We took in the lane via Warren Road and Chalk Street which makes a nice alternative to the relatively busy road to South Hanningfield.

At elevenses we met up with 4 more riders but 3 went home before the 9 remaining set off for lunch at Maldon. I had been off cycling for 4 weeks, so I was not on peak form and even in normal circumstances that peak is pretty low! So I rued having included in the route the demanding hill up Edwin’s Hall Road to the radio masts. The rest of the group had already been encouraged not to stay behind me and duly waited at the top.

At lunch our numbers were boosted further when we met up with Brian and John D at The Rose and Crown. By the time we left the sun was shining and the dull day had turned into an exceptionally pleasant one for the time of year.

Gradually the group dispersed on the return to chelmsford with 3 riders having tea at Bunsey Downs.

I arrived home with 49 miles on the clock.

Here is a link to my strava record:


A Sunday ride to Witham in various degrees of mist and fog – 18th December 2016

There were only two at the start in Chelmsford, Dave S and John B (leader). Dave R and I joined them at the Fig Tree in Maldon for elevenses. A crowd from Essex Roads, which passed me on Mundon Road shared the room with us and were very noisy.

The visibility had improved by the time John took us off to Witham coming in from the north over the huge railway bridge. The Battisford Court (Wetherspoons) was relatively quiet and presented no problem finding a table. Dave S bought the drinks; what a nice man! We were then joined by Phil and caught up with his news.

Only Dave R was interested in a tea stop so took himself off to Terling. The rest of us made our way south splitting near Woodham Walter, three to Chelmsford area and me back to Wickford. Ride length 47 miles and ending with all lights flashing.

Mel Martin

Ride to Essex CTC Christmas Lunch 2016

On leaving Wickford at 9 o’clock going straight to elevenses I spotted three SEG members already at their meeting point. Having arrived at Terling and no sign of the Chelmsford Group I went to explore a road called The Dismals. I don’t know the origin of the name but the lane was pleasant enough and leads up to the cricket ground passing a swimming pool, children’s playground and a nursery on the way.

Part way through my coffee at Owls Hill Tea Room four riders from Chelmsford turned up. On leaving the tea room Dave R led us through the village and then stopped to show us Lord Rayleigh’s pump. This once provided the water supply to Terling Place, the residence of Lord Rayleigh, and consisted of an undershot waterwheel in the River Ter, which drove a three cylinder pump. Further round on our culture tour we viewed Terling Place across the fields. Dave explained the estate once had a large herd about 600 cows. Most of the farms on the estate are now arable. Dave also mentioned two of the Baron Rayleighs were well known physicists and made a number of discoveries.

After a pleasant ride in winter sunshine we arrived at the Fox and Hounds at Cock Clarks at about 12:30 to find SEG members already seated. We grabbed the remaining seats in the room before the Havering Group arrived. Adrian and John D had ridden there solo and Brian and Janette came by car making the total of nine Chelmsford members.

Most riders were interested in getting home in daylight except for a few from SEG who were still enjoying the beer! On our way home John B and I came up behind the Havering Group. They were doing a steady relaxed pace and we followed them through East Hanningfield until a couple pulled over for a toilet stop.

Mel Martin